i think we have a lot in common already

I'm Devinne, a personal branding and influencer photographer in Chicago.

Like you, I'm all about building the life I want to live. 

I wasn't always like that. After graduating college, I spent five years working in publishing at an industrial supply company, which—if you can believe it—sounds way more glamorous than it actually was. As a mini escape, I started a lifestyle blog called Mox and Socks. With no one else around to take photos for it, I quickly learned how to create my own gorgeous pics with just a tripod and a remote timer. (See that photo on the right?  I did that!)

After a while, though, I couldn't keep up with my blog, and when I finally ended it, I was lost. I was still at the job I hated, and now I didn't have anything to distract me anymore. I would fantasize about quitting, but to do what?  

I came back to photography. I knew I had the talent to do it professionally. I stopped fantasizing, put together a plan, and left my cubicle for good!

Now I take photos of other people with stories like mine—people who decided to take charge of their lives and do something they have a passion for. People who don't settle for an okay life. People who know that they have what it takes to be amazing.

Now it's your turn to tell your story. Shoot me an email at devinne.stevens@gmail.com and we can get planning!


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